Token Functions

security & staking

Holders of the platform’s token can stake it. In return, they earn governance rights and a percentage of platform revenues. In addition, the platform adopts a Proof of Stake (POS) and a modified BFT consensus mechanism for an additional layer of security.


Every holder of the platform’s token is a potential platform politician. Stake your token, and you can propose modifications and vote on proposals. In this way, token holders can influence decisions on the platform and promote decentralization.

liquidity mining

Liquidity providers will stake their token assets into the lending pools to enable borrowing and short selling. They will be eligible to receive the platform’s tokens through a liquidity mining program. The liquidity mining program is based on a user’s contribution to the platform and other predetermined parameters.

In-Platforms Utilities

With the Koraplay token, you can do so much more across all our products. Whether you are interested in our short videos, Koraplay NFTs, or in Koraplay DEFI. In fact, Koraplay’s token utility is vast across the entire Koraplay ecosystem.